What is Private Lessons Cyprus

PrivatesLessonsCyprus connects students with private instructors. As one of private teachers, you’ll create an online profile, choose your lesson subjects, give as much as possible valid information about your work and qualifications, make a listing (for up to 3 categories) and your opportunity for new students grows exponentially. You can choose to teach lessons wherever you like (your home, studio, a coffee shop, library, park, etc.) including online (via video chat) or traveling to student locations.

How It Works

1 Students search for a Private lessons teacher (local or online) in a large pool of subjects

2 Having found your listing prospective students can contact you by email or tel (if provided) or through us.

3 Having posted at PrivateLessonsCyprus you can access thousands of students without having spent energy time or money trying to advertise your service

Pretty cool, right? With PrivateLessonsCyprus, you get to focus on what you do best (teaching!) and we help out with the rest. We see technology as a way to make life easier, and we’ve been building tools to support independent teachers like you.