+1-866-748-5444 | Change windows live mail password
November 15, 2019 11:13 am
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The email program will ask you for your credentials when you add an email account to Windows Live Mail 2011 so that it can connect to your email provider's mail server-this includes your email address
Phone +1-866-748-5444
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+1-866-748-5444 | Change windows live mail password

The email program will ask you for your credentials when you add an email account to Windows Live Mail 2011 so that it can connect to your email provider’s mail server-this includes your email address and password. But most email providers allow you to change password whenever you want, and typically let you do that from their website (this could be Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or your school / employer). So soon so you update the password for your email account, Windows Live Mail 2011 will no longer be able to send or retrieve email messages as it no longer matches the password saved in the file.

How to Change windows live mail password?

Follow these measures to upgrade your Windows Live Mail 2011 credentials and password information on Windows Vista and Windows 7: (a separate guide will explain how to change the old version of Windows Live Mail for Windows XP)

1. Next, open Windows Live Mail as you always do: if you get a wrong password error message, ignore it and close the error message window.

2. Once inside the application, pick the email address inbox that you want to change your password (just click on your daily inbox if you only have a single email account inside Windows Live Mail). Instead, in the ribbon, press the “Accounts” section.

3. Now press the “Properties” button to load the email account profile selected.

4. Windows Live Mail 2011 opens a “Properties” dialog that includes all the email account settings. Select the tab “Server” and two parts will appear: “Server Data” and “Mail Server.” You should see your email address and your new password for that account under the second section.

5. Highlight the current password and change it by typing your new password over it: since you can’t see the text you’re typing, make sure that CapsLock is off (so you don’t inadvertently type in your new password at all levels), and be careful to avoid typing that would give Windows Live Mail the wrong password.

6. You can check the “Remember password” checkbox to automatically sign in to your email account while sending or receiving emails from Windows Live Mail 2011 (which means you don’t have to enter your account password manually each time).

7. Once this email account has been changed to your Windows Live Mail username, click the “OK” button to add the new setting and return to the system.

8. This is all it takes to change your email password in Windows Live Mail 2011: you should be able to send and receive email messages without any problems through this account now! Visit our Windows Live Mail Tutorial to learn more about Microsoft’s best free email program ever made.

If you need any other helps in regards to Change windows live mail password, or in window live mail, get help from Window Live Mail Customer Service Number +1-866-748-5444 and solve this in a minutes by the experts.

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