About Us

Success in learning often depends on finding the right teacher. Someone with knowledge and expertise, enthusiasm and devotion to inspire students along the learning process. However this proves to be very challenging due to several reasons.The lack of information about teachers, and their qualifications, expertise, teaching style, achievements, seems to be an unforeseen obstacle. Furthermore, will the this information be credible?Will  this teacher be available at your time schedule? Is he near you or in other city or country?

This is why many students or parents choose bigger local schools, missing however the opportunity of being treated individually, and having lesson adjusted on their special needs and abilities. Not to mention the opportunity of having the lessons in the convenience of your own home.

Private lessons Cyprus – platform operates since 2014  and aspires to help parents and students to make the best choice by providing them with the all this necessary information. On the same time we are giving individual teachers the opportunity to increase their presence and acquire new students. Without any additional effort or costs.

We are here to help you focus on what you can do at best… Teaching or Learning.